The United States of America has long been regarded as a nation that values business and economic freedom and is perennially ranked amongst the top countries in “ease of doing business” terms. The United States of America benefits from a strong and stable federal and State level judicial system and a close adherence to the Rule of Law; providing all persons, institutions, and entities — public and private, including the State itself — accountability under the laws that are publicly promulgated, equally enforced, and independently adjudicated. In order to manage its vast and complex economy the United States of America also has a voluminous and complex tax system. 

Cowan Boguslawski PLLC has the knowledge, experience and relationships to counsel its clients on the myriad tax issues they encounter throughout a business enterprise’s life cycle (startup formation, investment, growth, operational, and disposition or liquidation). We provide comprehensive tax planning and strategy advice to clients engaged in domestic (U.S.) and international operations and transactions (M&A). We are vigilant about legislative, regulatory and case-law changes that impact our clients’ tax profile on current and future operations and transactions. We work with clients at every stage of the business lifecycle. We look to have a cooperative and engaging relationship with our clients in order to understand their business and long-term goals and develop a tax profile that works for their business or transaction. 

Intellectual Property and E-Commerce Tax Advice — We work with companies across all sectors; however, the firm pays close scrutiny to matters involving intellectual property and e-commerce taxation. We also pay close scrutiny to transactions involving venture capital and private equity where the target assets involve intellectual property and e-commerce activities. 

Domestic Tax Advice — We advise startup and mature businesses on selecting the most appropriate tax profiles for their business operations and assist them on the formation of corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and S corporations. Our clients also count on us to help them manage and maintain their business structures and to assist them with entity capitalizations, mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations (domestic and international). We can also request agency rulings from the IRS National Office regarding highly complex transactions. 

International Tax Advice — 

Inbound Tax — We guide our non-U.S. clients through the complex U.S. federal tax statutes, regulations, case decisions, and other regulatory guidance to establish the most tax-efficient structures, manage their U.S. operations, and invest in the United States. 

Outbound Tax — We counsel our clients on U.S. federal tax strategies and consequences when initiating operations outside the United States of America or for improving tax efficiencies of existing non-U.S. operations.



The skillful practice of business law is expansive—encompassing areas of law such as corporate governance, intellectual property, securities, tax, and M&A. Businesses of all sizes and stages of maturity require knowledgeable and forward thinking legal counsel capable of delivering results.  Cowan Boguslawski PLLC is well-positioned to handle your business’s legal needs throughout its life cycle. 


Our representation begins with a thorough understanding of your business, your competition, and the market. Recognizing no two businesses are alike, we take a custom approach to your legal matters. The only constant is change—regulatory, legislative, and judicial developments significantly impact your business. Fluctuating legal and economic climates demand a proactive and insightful team of professionals determined to place your business on a secure and prosperous trajectory. 


Corporate and Limited Liability—The laws and judicial decisions governing business entities have a significant impact on how entities are formed, structured, and governed. We help start up and reorganizing companies determine the best entity structure for their venture. Our attorneys are experienced in all corporate and limited liability law matters including determining the duties and responsibilities of important company personnel, adhering to internal company compliance requirements, and general counsel on company endeavors.  


Intellectual Property—Our intellectual property practice is centered around technology development, licensing, and transactions. Technology is the focal point asset for many modern companies. Our attorneys regularly counsel clients on the regulatory requirements necessary to secure intellectual property, financing the further development of intellectual property, and negotiating and drafting licensing and sale documents.  


Securities and Capital Markets—Building capital is an important component of business development. We are proficient in issuing equity and debt securities in compliance with all necessary securities regulations and procedures. 


M&A—No matter the market, M&A transactions are a critical factor in business development. We pride ourselves in providing more than just the “paperwork” for our clients. Significant transactions require a team of proactive advisors evaluating the pros and cons of every deal. Our attorneys counsel, negotiate, and draft all aspects of the M&A process from advising the board on necessary approvals to structuring stock, cash, and note transactions. Our tax counsel ensure transactions are structured most favorably for our clients accounting for the most recent tax reforms.